Moonshot 2: Generation Ship Luna

Sound Designer, Composer

For Game Off 2020, our small team created a real-time habitat construction and resource management game. You are tasked with the responsibility of managing and growing the remaining human population on its journey from the solar system to a new planet across the galaxy. I created a lively, interstellar spaceship ambience, a plethora of ethereal UI sounds, and spaced-out Vaporwave music inspired by 80’s Retrofuturism. The game is free to play on

The Curbita Caper

Sound Designer, Composer

For Scream Jam 2020, our small team created a Halloween-themed, procedurally-generated, hand-drawn maze game. You play as Curbita the pumpkin and you must locate the spooky decorations hidden in the surrounding maze to scare away the trick-or-treating kids. I designed a soothing autumn twilight ambience, playful and meandering music inspired by Tom Waits’ Shore Leave, and adorable jumping sounds to accompany Curbita on her quest. The game is free to play on